Denver Employee Class Action Lawyers

Denver Employee Class Action Lawyers

Denver Employee Class Action Lawyers

In a class action, employees are permitted to represent others with the same claim.  Class actions are rarely permitted in employment cases because the courts strictly apply the requirement of “commonality.”

Even without being certified as a class action, a group of employees can still pursue an employment case against a single employer when they have similar claims or claims arising from a similar course of action by the employer.

Group cases often have a better chance of success than individual cases because the evidence of each individual’s claim supports the others’ claims. 

The EEOC occasionally litigates employment claims together with plaintiffs’ attorneys who represent the individuals who filed the original complaint.  Unlike individual plaintiffs, the EEOC can bring a “pattern and practice” discrimination complaint, which permits them to represent a class of employees without meeting the class action requirements.

Litigating an employment case against a company can be a lonely and daunting experience.  Having co-plaintiffs provides welcome emotional support.

We Have a Record of Success in Employee Class Actions

Denver Employment Attorneys Lynn D. Feiger and Justin Plaskov specialize in complex employment litigation. They have been involved in many of the class actions and other group cases involving employment claims in Colorado.

While most cases settle with confidential settlements, the non-confidential cases where they represented employee groups include:

  • Camara v. Matheson Trucking Inc., No. 12-cv-03040-CMA-CBS (Feb. 27, 2015) – This federal group race discrimination and retaliation case resulted in a $15,000,000 verdict for punitive and emotional damages (more details here).
  • E.O.C. v. Outback Steak House of Florida, Inc., 576 F. Supp. 2d 1202, 1203 (D. Colo. 2008) – This glass ceiling gender pattern and practice discrimination case brought with the EEOC resulted in affirmative relief and a $19,000,000 settlement (more details here).
  • U.S. Mint – This sex discrimination and harassment class action resulted in a $9,000,000 settlement (more details here).
  • Home Depot – This discrimination and retaliation pattern and practice case brought with EEOC resulted in $5,500,000 (more details here).
  • Jackson National Life – This race and gender discrimination case brought with the EEOC is pending trial in U.S. Federal Court (more details here).