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Experienced Mediation Services

Lohf Shaiman Jacobs Hyman & Feiger PC recently added mediation and alternative dispute resolution to its practice areas. Mediation is the process by which parties to disputes, misunderstandings or relationship problems engage a neutral person to help facilitate an agreed solution to the problem quickly, efficiently and using the creative minds of the parties to fashion an acceptable resolution.

When Mediation Can Be Used

There is no timeframe for when mediation can be applied as a useful tool for you. Please remember that:

  • Mediation applies during litigation
  • Mediation applies before litigation
  • Mediation applies instead of litigation
  • Mediation applies after litigation
  • Mediation applies in negotiation

Mediation Services Designed To Meet Your Circumstances

Charles H. Jacobs, a senior principal in the firm, is trained in the mediation process and has participated in mediation proceedings on behalf of parties to disputes, as a mediator, an observer and in an advisory capacity. Aside from having received training as a mediator and having participated in voluntary mediations, Mr. Jacobs serves on the board of directors of an international peace organization whose mission includes facilitating and mediating relationship disputes between and among parties who start by viewing each other as enemies.

Mediation is voluntary and confidential. We can design the process to fit each particular problem as well as the specific needs of the individuals or companies involved. Mediators help facilitate the solutions to problems ranging from highly complex matters to simple interpersonal relationship disputes. Mediators also can assist parties who have reached an impasse in negotiations toward a positive contractual relationship, development and business formation issues.

Mr. Jacobs brings unique perspectives to his mediation practice. He has broad law practice experience over almost 40 years, has an advanced degree in taxation, as a lawyer has litigation experience and has provided services in local, state, national and international transactional work.

Let Us Help You

From our offices in Denver, our attorneys provide legal counsel and representation for clients throughout the Denver metro area and other Colorado communities. We represent both emerging and established businesses across the United States and internationally.

Lohf Shaiman Jacobs Hyman & Feiger PC can be reached by calling toll free 303-753-9000. You can also contact our offices by email.

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